About Me

I never thought that I would be interested in gardening. My background is in technology and I love to buy the latest and greatest gadget. After being in IT for many years I was burnt out from always being connected to the corporate world and realized that I needed to disconnect and shut it all off.

How we got into gardening

When we first moved into our house we had an above ground pool from the previous owners. It lasted for a couple of years until the liner ripped and the outside metal walls started to buckle. So we decided not to replace it and tear it down (which was actually fun because I took an axe to it and the water came rushing out).

Now we had this bare empty dirt hole taking up useful space in our yard. We started to expermint with different kinds of vegetables and garden layouts. Thas turned into an obsession in which we spend much of our free time outside constantly trying to improve the quality and assetics of our garden.


Learning from our mistakes

On this site our goal is to help other people grow the best vegetables possible by learning from our mistakes. We live in New England and aren’t able to grow vegetables all year round. We’ve had many failures and disappointments at the end of our growing season only to have to wait out the winter to try again the next year. Hopefully you can learn something from this site and plant successfully the first time.



We want to share our knowledge with the world and hopefully learn from you as well. Feel free to contact us with any questions and please any photos to let us see your progress in growing your own vegetables

All the best,

Matt The Farmer

1 thought on “About Me”

  1. Candy Benn says:

    I enjoy learning about you. As the daughter of a farmer who grew up helping on that farm, I love everything gardening. My Pappy always said a farmer will always be able to eat.

    By the way, I’m also in the technology field with a degree in Computer Science. It’s certainly highly demanding. I made the change long ago. Now I work for myself.

    Candy Benn

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