Best Garden Hand Tools

These are my favorite tools for putting my gardening landscaping ideas into reality. These are all my best garden hand tools that I really enjoy using and use often.

Garden Digging Fork

This garden digging fork has been my go-to garden tool to start just about every outdoor project this growing season including our garden backyard landscape where our above ground pool used to be.

We had so much crushed rock and big boulders in and around this area. It was so easy to stick the garden digging fork under a layer of crushed stone and push down on the handle until the ground above the fork broke. It loosened the stones and the weeds making it easier to separate everything out of the soil.

This will also be the first tool that I pull out of the shed at the beginning of the fall when it is time to plant grass. We have two dogs and they are murder on our lawn, between the pee and poop, we must plant new grass in certain patches every year.

I always used a rake to loosen the soil and rip up the dead grass, but this year I am going right to my garden digging fork first.

We started a compost pile this year as well. Our shovel works well enough where I could get into pile and turn over the compost to aerate it, but I pulled up a lot of weeds and grass sod that it would take me a few tries to get in there and break it up.

The garden digging fork pierces right through it the first time and does a fantastic job breaking apart the sod and weeds. I can already tell that our compost pile has broken down much quicker than using a shovel, and I have more sod to the pile.


3 Tine Garden Cultivator

This garden tool is great to use after using the garden digging fork. As I mentioned before we have two dogs, and along with the rest of my family we are always outside putzing around in the yard on nice days. This takes a toll on our yard.

After the soil is broken up is when I pull out the hand push rotary cultivator. For large areas I keep all three rotary cultivators attached, for small and areas close to the edger’s I use one rotary cultivator, and for getting around small flowers and plants I just take the one out of the middle and go right over the plant.

I see a lot of these advertise that they are good for taking out weeds, and they do a good job of cutting them up, but I prefer to pull up the root by hand or with a weed puller, depending on how many there are. This will ensure that the weed does not grow back. And speaking of weeds, I do not like using chemicals since I have dogs and a child.

Garden Hand Pruners

Everyone should have garden hand pruners handy when they work around the yard. I like to keep my plants nice and neat. I also like to propagate my plants into
other areas of my yard. This saves me a ton of money. Having sharp garden hand pruners available gives me a nice clean cut.

I also like to keep my garden hand pruners clean. This prevents my plants from getting any diseases. This is especially important when using the cuttings for propagation. I like to use a wet rag to clean off the blade and then soak a paper towel in rubbing alcohol and wipe both parts off as well. This will kill any bacteria that can cause disease.

The biggest challenge for me has been sharpening the blade, especially the part of the blade that is closest to the hinge. I have tried different kinds of straight, flat sharpeners, and they do sharpen the blade well, but I still have a difficult time reaching that small area of the blade close to the hinge.

I like the “all in 1 pruner, knife and tool sharpener” made by Byers as the handle of the sharpener is curved and can sharpen that hard to reach the spot. You just must make sure you put enough pressure to do a good job of sharpening. I do about 10 passes and that is usually enough.

Fiskars Weed Puller Tool

Do not think I am crazy, but I love to pull weeds, especially by hand. There is just something so satisfying when you grab hold of the weed, pull, and the roots are Fiskers Weed Pullerstill attached. Also, how much nicer your garden looks after you are done.

What I do not like is when there are a lot of weeds and my back starts to ache. The Fiskars Weed Puller Tool was the first garden tool that I bought. When we first moved into our house, we had so many dandelions in our yard. Pulling by hand would have taken forever. With this tool, I saved my back and was able to pull up the weeds in probably half the time it would have taken me by hand.

It took me a little while to get used to but once you have it down this weed puller is great. You plunge Fiskars weed puller tool into the ground and pull it back towards you and it pulls up the whole weed, roots, and all.

Fiskers Weed Puller


I hoped you liked my best garden hand tools that I use when I am outside in my yard putting my gardening landscaping ideas into reality. I would love to hear what you think and what are your best garden hand tools.

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