Free Plant Identification App: What kind of plant is this?

Have you ever been on a hike or walking down your block and saw a flower or plant that caught your eye and did not know what it is? And then thought, that would look good in my yard? With the right smartphone app, you can identify just about any plant or vegetable you come across on your daily journey.

Image recognition technology has come a long way in being able to recognize a photo and then providing information about that picture. I would venture to say that this technology is some of the most accurate in identifying plants and vegetables as compared to other objects in the real world

Top 3 Free Plant Identification Apps


Google Lens

This app can be used to look up any photo that is taken on your phone. I have found it to be accurate when looking up plants and vegetables. It’s very rare when the app cannot find the plant that I just shot with my phone.

Mobile OS: Android, iOS

What I like:

  • Simple to use and is integrated into the photo app (I use a Pixel 2).
  • Fast lookup for plants common name.


Google Lens Tomato


This app provides the species name and shows photos provided by users from all around the globe. The map pinpoints where photos have been taken. This gives you an idea of what parts of the world certain plants are grown the most.

Mobile OS: Android, iOS

What I like:

  • Community-based that shares photos.
  • Provides detailed information on the species name.
  • This app has a map showing where vegetation has been identified around the globe


This is a fun and educational app that has monthly challenges to find various species in your area. It is great to take your kids on a hike and make it seek and find game.

Mobile OS: Android, iOS

What I like:

  • It is fun to use. Has monthly challenges of finding different species of plants and animals. It is a neat way to get children interested in the outdoors.
  • When the camera is being used in this app it keeps scanning the area you’re searching, detailing the names of the plants until you come across the plant (or animal) in your monthly challenge. Great app to use if you’re in a garden center learning about multiple plants. It doesn’t take the photo until you press the button.
  • The app is educational, and you can learn a lot about plants and animals.


I use all these apps for different reasons and situations. My go-to app is Google Lens only because I have used it the longest and it’s quick and easy to identify the name of the plant. I use PlantNet for further investigation when I am looking for technical detail about a plant’s genus. Seek is fun, especially if you have children who like to play seek and find games.

As always, I would love to hear any comments or questions.

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  1. Benson Eghreriniovo says:

    Wow! This is really kool and informative. I have heard about google pixel 2 able to provide information of a picture but not the other ones you mentioned. I definitely agreed that they are most have apps. Can these apps be use for other photos like photos of skin lesion to tell what it’s ? Basically help in diagnosing diseases.
    Thanks for the post.

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